Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chopstick Rests...

3rd grade celebrates and studies Japan. They do a lot of activities in their homeroom classes but I try to support the lesson in art class as well. Here we did small chopstick rests. I had a coworker (from Japan) come and talk to my students about the traditional place settings when eating. It was funny to talk to her because she admitted to me that she had to look up the 'proper' place settings. I told her not to worry because I wouldn't know where a salad fork goes either:) The students used the rests when eating their foods on the celebration day the last week of school.


  1. How cute! I bought three chopstick settings recently that look like the last picture. My third grade daughter did a lot of ceramic in class too, I'll suggest to the class next fall to try and make chopstick settings.

  2. The kids reported today that they are used them in class. One told me he had Chinese last night with his family and used them. I think that is cute and so fun! Thanks for the comment RoseBelle...