Friday, July 2, 2010

Fish, Fish, Fish...

First a Big Thanks to Deep Space Sparkle for the idea to do this lesson!

Day 1: We talked about the parts of a fish. We also identified many shapes that students could use to make the different parts of a fish. They drew the fish (more then on if they had room on their paper) , outlined in perm. marker, and then painted details with yellow paint.

Day 2: This step is optional. I talked to the kids about the movement of water. I brought them through a imaginary trip. They each got a streamer to help them pretend they were drops of water. I told them they were calm, they were moving, they were falling in a waterfall. The kids loved it! Then we went in and used the same movement to create the water on their paper. They used white paint on blue paper and then they were able to get their fish back and add a bit of white to their fish for added detail.

Day 3: Students cut the fish out and clued them on. I demonstrated how to fix a 'cut off fin', just in case we needed to repair a fin of two:) The final product was cute, raw and totally kindergarten.

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  1. love it, love it - I am always trying to think of ways to add movement and exciting "happenings" to help them remember things. Thanks for the great postings!