Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here's the 'How To'...

Her they are, the 'how to' of the lunch carrier. Thanks for asking!

You will need three fat quarters, some velcro, and some fusible lining.

Cut 1 top and 1 bottom @ 18x18
Cut 1 pocket @ 61/2x18
Cut 2 straps @ 4x18

Velcro= 2 @ 21/2 inches

Fusible Lining= 1 @ 5 1/2 x 8
1 @ 18 x 18
1 @ 3 x 18

I started with the pocket. I place the pocket lining on one side of the pocket fabric. Fold in half (right sides facing one another) and stitch up the two sides. Clip the corners and flip right side out. Then fold the top down and press. Stitch across the top.

Here are the handles, I placed the lining in the center of the strip, and pressed the sided in. Then I pressed the whole strap in half and pressed. Then stitch long side to secure the handles together.

Here they are... You're half way done. They look good don't they!

Sew three sides of the pocket to the inside material. As you can see, you want to place this at an angle.

You will sandwich the lining with both right sides out. and quilt in some way. Maybe a couple of lines across, or random stitching. You will also place binding on the square. I can't explain how to bind... please google it:)

At this point I placed the container and ice pack in the small quilt. Pin the velcro and the handle in place and then sew.

Hope these pictures help a little with how I sewed them on. I'm not a pattern writer so I did my best to explain this project. Hope you enjoy these cute little lunch carrier.

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