Friday, October 29, 2010

Color group review...

5th Grade Day of the Dead was a color study. We reviewed all the color groups that we have used in their 6 years with me. They had to choose 4 groups to demonstrate to me on their skull. They drew the skulls on a 1/4th sheet and I made copies. They colored each skull to represent a different color group (primary, secondary, intermediate, tints/shades or analogues, neutral, warm, cool, and their favorite colors). Because of the final image we also touched briefly on Any Warhol.

Tip: I include an art note on most if not all of the art projects my kids do. For this one I have a small note talking about what Day of the Dead is. On the other side I have all the choices of color groups. They place the 4 they wanted to work on below each skull and then with they completed each skull for the front they would check off the skull on the back. This way the student keeps an organized project and parents know what students were studying when creating their artwork.


  1. Love this!! thanks for sharing.

  2. I like the take home note! I am trying hard to do that but it's a lot of work! I love seeing the take home note it's inspiring ideas for projects I'm doing!