Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eyes for you...

Get ready for some fun! My kiddo's LOVED this project. We made eye balls to go with our halloween display.

First we rolled balls of clay. We used air dry clay but I would think any clay (kiln fire, salt clay... ) would work.

Even though you might roll your eyes (pun totally intended=)) at me I did to a little education with this project. I had the kids learn the words iris and pupil. We added the color and placed it in a jar for display. The kids brought a couple eyes to school for show and tell and it was a huge hit:)


  1. So cute! You know what would be fun would be to make a Halloween dinner for kids with melon ball eyeballs and spaghetti brains. . .

  2. Great idea Erica! You're going to be a FUN mom!!!