Sunday, October 17, 2010

Update on ATC

I know... I teased you a bit with my overly excited attitude about ATC (artist trading cards) earlier in this blog. I have been working hard at the trades... here is an update.

I have been working with my 2nd grade for a couple of weeks on their trade with Australia. These are turning out wonderful. We are trading image of our communities. It has been so much fun. Here is how RES 2nd grade students got started on the project.

We sat down and talked about what a community is. Then we discussed what are some buildings in our community of Rogers, MN, USA. They came up with a wonderful list of places that make up our town. I made it a quest to take pictures of most of the places mentioned. They were excited to find out that they got to give me homework rather then I giving it to them. I put together this 'google doc' presentation for any schools who might be exchanging with us.

As a side note... I used Google Docs so any computer with internet access would be able to present this. It is hard to use a software that someone else might not have so this is my solution!

I know that we are learning about another place in our world through this activity but I'm learning and teaching about our own as well. While taking pictures of our small suburban town I discovered our American flag is EVERYWHERE! My eyes are used to this symbol and this project open my eyes and heart up to the fact that we are proud to be American.


  1. That sounds fun. I'll be mailing my ATCs to you this week.

  2. that is so cool! It will be fun to do this project with you :)

  3. I'm sure the students did love it that they were assigning you homework! Role reversals are so funny to children. How do they plan to use these features of your community? Illustration?

  4. Wow I love the slide show to go with it all! That is going to be so interesting to students getting the cards!

  5. Is it hard to put a google docs slideshow into your blog page? I struggle with how to put together slides, too, and hopefully share them on my blog. Thanks for any info!

  6. Google docs is not hard. However, I learn new things every day with it. There are a million places to create a slide show for you page... see this site to start...