Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gallery Walk

Gallery Walks are one of the ways I ask students to self assess. When we have a large drawing project and I want to give the kids a break in the long 60 minute class, I ask them to do a gallery walk. They leave their art work at their table and walk around the room. They can look at how other artist are approaching the problem and make adjustments when they go back to their place. As you can see, kids are typically admiring the art as if they were walking through an Art Museum. I don't get to bring them on a field trip but I do talk a little about Art edict.


  1. Wow! 60 minutes class! That sounds awesome! We have 30 minutes in 4th and 5th grade... Good idea too... We do gallery walks often too!

  2. Cool idea! I just posted something about 30 minute classes . . . so difficult and such a silly idea for art don't you think! I would be so frustrated if I only got a 30 minute art class as a kid or adult for that matter! I linked you Mrs. Hahn for a radial design idea. . . hope you don't mind.

  3. My students love Gallery Walks! They love to see what everyone else is doing. Of course there are a few students who say that "other people are copying off me!" following the walk. I tell them that creative people share ideas, so it's okay as long as they don't copy all the time.