Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yarn mess solved...

We have started a stitching unit. I love fibers and I love teaching it because the kids LOVE fibers too. Where has been some frustrating challenges in the past with stitching... Let me share with you some of my changes to make it easier.

First, I pre cut the string. I found a bin to wrap the string around several times and then I give on cut, and there you have it. In not time at all I have hundreds of string cut to the 'right size'.

The second thing that is helping my frustration levels this time around is the sting box. I place my pre cut string in this notched out box. Kids can come and choose the color they want. They see the organization and I assign one student at clean up time to be the string box master (they organize the box for me, and get a title with 'master' in it:)).

When wapping, I make small clusters of string. 50 to 70 strings to a cluster. When yarn runs out of the string box, I grab a cluster and have it ready to go.

These little changes have made my life carefree... well at least for that hour. I will have more stitching tips to share soon. The kids are loving this project so far.


  1. That is a GREAT idea! I'm going to pull out all my tangled mess and do the same. Thanks for the idea.