Saturday, January 22, 2011

Printing ATC

Why didn't I think of this earlier? So I decided to have the kids print an Artist Trading Card. This was a whorl wind project. The main focus of this activity was printing and what a print is. I had the kids create a simple snowman so we could draw right onto the foam for printing. They printed right after. All of this fit into one hour. CRAZY...

The next hour I had them we cut the prints to ATC size (2 1/2 x 3 1/2). I let the kids make each of their prints unique by using colored pencils and sharpies on the cards.

Here is the best part... Now I took 3 from each kid, they got to keep the rest... I end up with triple the ATC to send out and the kids get to keep or trade amounts them selves. Duh... printing... What a great idea for a mass trade:)

These cards have gone out to Georgia, Massachusetts, two schools in California, one in Florida, and the Cayman Islands. I have about 100 left. If your school would like to trade with ours let me know... I'll get them out today:)


  1. really looking forward to our exchange! thanks for including me. i haven't had a chance to tell my class about it yet because of our recent snow days (and a missed class due to testing), so your blog will be a great way to give them the news!

  2. looking forward to our exchange - thanks for including us! i haven't been able to share the news about this project with my class yet, due to the recent snow days, so showing them this blog post will be a great way to introduce it to them!

  3. Yay have 5th grade tomorrow with no snow in the forecast. Can't wait to send them to you.