Saturday, February 26, 2011

Are you having a hard time?

I have been told that it is hard to get onto my blog. Are you having a hard time? Does my blog freeze up for you when you come to visit? If so, please tell me what it does and what browser you are using. If you can't comment please email me at.

Update: Thanks to all that responded. I am going to try another template for a while. This might not be the last one I try but I want you to be able to read my blog. Hope this works better, you can email me if you are still having a hard time.


  1. Huh. You got rid of your background and your blog did NOT freeze up this time!! I never would have expected your wallpaper to do that. Hmmm...

    Anyhow, I've got a PC, not a Mac, and believe it or not I'm still using Microsoft Internet Explorer. Though I can also use Firefox but need to download it on my laptop, which has Vista (ugh)and is pretty finicky about anything new.

  2. I like this new template!! (I don't think I've had trouble with your site - I use Safari on a Mac)

  3. I use firefox on my Mac and it loaded ok on theis new template. I like the header, by the way.
    p.s. that easel idea below (from cardboard) = so cute!

  4. Whoops I mis-spelled that last comment. Typing too fast. Should've been "this."

  5. I don't remember ever having any trouble with yours. I use Firefox on my PC.