Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weaving with small mini's

Weaving fun! I was setting up for my 1st grade to weave and my daughter asked what I was doing. I explained that my students are weaving, she wanted to try. I stet the loom and tried her little hands with craft sticks… She is a weaving fool now, and want's to show her montessori class.

You can use any firm cardboard for a loom. I wrap the warp around all the way around the loom. I think this makes it easier for taking it off the loom later.

I found that the craft sticks worked well for the weft because it was a firm material. You can use any number of things for the weft however.

Once the string is cut from the loom, you can tie the piece off. This part may need some help. I tied two or three string together at the bottom craft stick. Then I tighten them together and tied the other side off.


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