Friday, August 12, 2011

SchoolArts Magazine to the rescue again...

Once again, I ask a question and BOOM! it is answered by SchoolArts Magazine. In an earlier post I asked how to use QR Codes in my classroom and got some wonderful responses. Thanks to all that participated in that. School Arts, Aug/Sept. magazine has a whole article and when you visit the magazine digitally, you have easy links to support the each idea.

If you do not purchase SchoolArts Magazine, you need to! It is current, tackles Art education issues and has something for every grade level and need. I'm a BIG fan!


  1. Thank you for adding this link to the school arts magazine. This was very informative to me!

  2. It is a great magazine.
    I just received my August/September issue.

  3. Wow! Thanks for introducing me to this magazine. I was not aware of it. I just added a QR code to the Swap-Bot card I sent out today.

    Also, regarding QR codes, I think it would be interesting to take social media profile images (our modern day portraiture) and overlay with Mircosoft custom tagging. Here is the idea (perhaps best for Junior High and High School): Identity/Anti Bullying project using social media portraits and Microsoft Tag QR coding. Picture a Brady Bunch like poster...multiple facebook portraits in rows that can be QR scanned for information. The heading of the posters will be "If you really knew me..." the QR links will be to essays or poetry that reveals the unexpected about each individual student. What can students share that breaks stereotypes while both revealing commonalities and celebrated differences?

    The cool thing about one type of Microsoft Tags generation is that it can create tags from existing images and only add colored dots over the image to create the QR don't lose the original image in the tag creation!! how cool is that!

  4. Hi Mrs Hahn, thanks for looking at my blog and adding it to your roll. The School Arts magazine looks really interesting - I'm definitely going to check it out.

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