Sunday, November 6, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning

I posted a lesson earlier inspired by Chuck Close.  Here is one of the video's I played for the kids.    I have found so many GREAT videos featuring artist from Sunday Morning Show.  I know this means I'm old that I love to watch Charles Osgood every Sunday morning, but so be it!  You will be amazed at some of the artist, actors, and musicians that they have covered.  GREAT resource!


  1. Thanks for sharing this -- I love it!! I am also a Sunday Morning lover
    (Sunday mornings would not be the same without this dose of our culture!), but I guess I missed seeing this segment the first time around. What a positive guy he is!!!!

  2. Great find. Thank-you for sharing. Just watched the video and enjoyed it!

  3. I'm a public radio gal, and never turn on the TV during the day, except for snow days or if I'm sick! So I'll admit I've never seen the show.

    Thanks for the video link!

  4. I love Charles Osgood and the Sunday Morning Show, great resource. A news program that makes you feel, good.