Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Do you need something to put on your Christmas list?  I have the perfect thing… This is an EYE-FI card. I bought it a while back to give it a try and have discovered it is AMAZING.  You place it into the SD slot of your camera and when you take a picture it will WIRELESSLY send the image to your computer. You read that right.  You take a picture and you can have it placed on your computer, Flickr, Picasa or a lot of other options.  It has saved me so much time as an art teacher.  Where it really saves time is for my husband.  My husband is a Tech Ed teacher at my school.  He is in charge of yearbook so he has students carry around 5 different cameras a day to get images.  Now, when they take a picture the images are automatically sent to his computer.  They are organized and placed into folders according to camera and date.  HOW COOL IS THAT!  Put an Eye-Fi card on your 'wish list' today.

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