Monday, January 16, 2012

The Art Teachers Guide to the Internet

Jessica, from The Art of Education was kind enough to let me know that MiniMatisse is nominated for Art Ed Blog of the Year.  I am so humbled by this, especially when I see who the other nomination are.  I want to take a minute to highlight some of the other blogs that are being honored in the same way.  If you are not following these blogs, please do because they are AMAZING!!

From his book... The Art Teacher’s Guide to the Internet to his blog,  The Art Teachers Guide to the Internet I have been a fan of Craig Roland for a long time.  I was fortunate to attend his session when he came to Minneapolis a couple years ago for the National Art Education Convention.  This man has great ideas and is a wonderful help to us art people living on the edge of technology!  Again, If you are not following Craig Roland's blog, please check it out and become a follower!

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