Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Teaching Palette

Jessica, from The Art of Education was kind enough to let me know that MiniMatisse is nominated for Art Ed Blog of the Year.  I am so humbled by this, especially when I see who the other nomination are.  I want to take a minute to highlight some of the other blogs that are being honored in the same way.  If you are not following these blogs, please do because they are AMAZING!!

Talk about a professional blog… The Teaching Palette has been a blog to follow for many years.  The founders and primary authors of this blog are Hillary Andrlik and Theresa McGee, who both teach elementary art in the Chicagoland area. As a blog authored by art educators for art educators, they focus on arteducationology, or the study or art education.  This team has created a wonderful site posting about classroom management,  creativity and music/art.  Again, if you have not already, visit this wonderful blog!
Hillary Andrlik
Theresa McGee
Theresa McGee


  1. This is very professional infact. Thanks for the brighter enlightenment.

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  2. Thanks for mentioning The Teaching Palette! We started our blog a few years ago as an extension from a presentation we gave together at our Illinois Art Education Association conference. Neither of us had any idea how much we would make an impact with the blog. I am so thankful for all the readers who encourage us to keep writing and sharing.