Wednesday, April 18, 2012

District Art Show...

District 728 requested 2 artworks from each school as they do every year.  Images were printed and are displayed for a year in the District office.  Again, I have to brad about the wonderful educators that I get to call coworkers.  Please take the time to view a handful of amazing, K-12th grade artworks!  (Click here).

From Rogers Middle School we are proud to have both Abby Conn, 7th Grader and Rachel Hinz, 8th Grader represent us at the district level. The two will be awarded a certificate from the School District at the School Board meeting on May 14th. 

Abby Conn, 7th Grade, Rogers Middle School

Annica Carr, 5th Grade, Twin Lakes Elementary School

Tolu Odunusi, 12th Grade, Rogers High School

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  1. excellent work! i love seeing everyone's year end shows - makes me proud to be an art teacher.