Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Face Cards Again

The classic Face Card... So many teachers are doing this lesson the last couple of years.  I wanted to experiment where this lesson could take my class.  I tried several ways of addressing this lesson last quarter.

I have done the lesson before with 5th grade but I printed, rather then a drawing (see past post).  I liked the print because it was less tracing the same image over and over.  You will see that my printing template was a bit off, but overall for a foam print, it was good.

This year I wanted to try to see if students could address an art style, and or a feeling with their cards.


The cards below are feeling cards.  Each card was to have 5 hints of what feeling they were trying to express.  Cute cards...

photo     photo    photo

Here I asked students to try a 'style' of art.  The card below was Op Art.  I think she did a great job expressing that style.


Again, another style.  This card was inspired by Anime. 


Overall, I think the lesson is a fun one.  The kids seem to like how the final project turns out. 


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