Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Step 1: Rock Thoughts- Preparation and Distributing the Rocks

What is Rock thoughts?  How did I get involved?  Please see my previous post...

Step 1:  First thing I needed for the rock project was ROCKS!  I contacted our local gavel pit.  Hassan Sand and Gravel was happy to donate plenty of rocks for our project.

I thought the rocks would be best if they had a base color.  I used house paint to paint the rocks.  It worked well.

I used a Google Doc Spreadsheet to lay out all make a mail merge for mailing labels.  This worked slick!  I made two labels at this time, one for on the bottom of the rocks and one for the pictures of the rocks later.

Then I grouped the rocks into three.  Each homeroom (51 of them) got a little care package of rocks.  The rocks were 3 consecutive numbers.  I also marked what homeroom received what rocks.  This was helpful during turn in time.

That about wraps up the preparation and  distributing of the rocks.  More to follow.

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