Monday, June 18, 2012

The Tooth Fairy has made her First Visit to our house...

Thanks to Pinterest I was prepared for a very big day in my kiddo's life!  My oldest Mini lost his tooth and I was ready for it:)

I saw this picture on Pinterest of a Tooth Pillow (click here).  I loved it, except I already had a pillow and how to you scrap a pillow eventually.  I decided to draw the mouth out and use the same saying and place it in a frame.  We already have June 17th on the line for his bottom center incisor:)  I made a scan of it if you would like this sheet for yourself (click here!)

Picture of the Frame and Bear!

I also have 3 very talented sisters.  One of which made my son a 'tooth bear'.  I think she saw it on Martha Stewart.  She also maintains a blog that has many crafty ideas, mostly about cakes... she's pretty amazing!  (click here for Gracie Cakes)

Again... Pinterest's cute idea of the little letter from the tooth fairy also came in useful (click here for source)!  I wrote a little note from Miss Tooth on a regular sheet of paper.  I made a copy and reduced it to 20%, made a little envelope and placed it with his coin from I had left over from Scotland a million years ago:).  We decided to give foreign money for our mini's so they are not comparing the amounts to friends at school.

Overall, I'm not sure who is more excited... my Mini's or me:)

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  1. I love the foreign money idea! We gave one gold coin, which I understand is very cheap :) I may pull out our Euro for the next ones.