Saturday, July 14, 2012

Do I need an instagram account?

Why do I need an instagram account?  Everyone has one... right?  I don't have a cell phone but I know lots of people do.  I know that the app works on my iPad but I don't drag that with me often.  I think there might be some application in the classroom.  Do you use  instagram in your classroom?  How?  Can I have several phones dump pictures onto my one 'class account'?  Give me your wisdom blog readers!


  1. I use instagram all the time and especially in my classroom! I like to take shots of the students while they are deep in the throes of working and then I will post them to my blog and instagram feed. They always get really excited when I snap pictures of them and then see them pop up on my feed some of them subscribe to the feed. In terms of using it instructionally, it is a good intro to students about digital image filtering and stylizing

  2. I have this app, but I only used it once to send a photo of the city pool to my niece to let her know it was filled and she could start thinking about swimming. I'd like to know more about it. I enjoyed using the vintage shaded edge filter.

  3. OK, this isn't really a comment about the Instagram app, but I couldn't figure out how else to connect with you. My comment is actually about ATCs.

    Although it's summer holidays now, I'm thinking ahead to the fall when I'll be introducing the idea of ATCs with my new class (grade 4/5). I'm just wondering if you are still going to be organizing swaps on the swap-bot site. If not, would you be interested in organizing something on the side between our two schools? I'm hoping to arrange one swap per month with different schools. If you want to swap, is there a particular month that would work best for you? I would mark you in for that particular month and avoid making arrangements with another school at that time.

    Hope to hear back from you!

    Sylvia Marshall

    Donwood School
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  4. Hi Nic, I am kind of in the same boat as you. Two weeks ago I got an iphone and started my Instagram account. I have several ideas on how I will be using it with student, but first wanted to share with you what Bill Selak actually did with his students. Really fun and exciting:

    I will be using Printsgram in conjunction with Instagram with my students. They will documents facets of an experience (from different angles and distances), make a photo cube and then write about the experience (and will touch upon each image of the cube in the written reflection). Here is an example (4th of July) : and this one (Japanese Obon festival):

    I will also be printing instagram images as window clings for a bus shelter installation. You can buy this film at Staples. Here is what I will be doing with kids and the public. People will photograph what they think represents community and I will be printing out window clings for them to stick on the bus stop shelter:

    Thanks for asking this question! It is one I am curious about, too, and, although I have ideas, I don't have written lesson plans yet.

  5. Hi Nic,

    I am kind of in the same boat as I got my iphone two weeks ago. First, I want to share with you what Bill Selak did with his students. Inspiring and fun:

    In my youth workshops, I will be using Instagram in Conjunction with Printsgram:
    Students will create photocubes that document different facets of an experience (photographing from different angles and distances) and they they will write about the experience while being sure to share details from each facet of the cube. I can also envision this as an art exercise focusing on different aspects/facets of self.

    I will also be using window cling film and Instagram in a public art installation of a bus stop shelter:

    So glad you asked this question as, I, too, am curious as what can be done with this tool! I am looking forward to seeing what else is posted here! (sorry if this is submitted twice...I had trouble on first submit).

  6. Nicole Delasio and Lisa Hifill are two educator who understand Instagram inside and out and are using it for education purposes. They presented on Instagram at ISTE in San Diego a few weeks ago. They are both doing exciting things. Here is their site:

  7. Opps, meant to type Lisa Highfill in last comment. Here is her website:

    and Nicole Delasio's is here:

    They are amazing educators like you who live and breathe a passion for education and innovation.