Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fiber Show...

A little hand crafted goodness:)

I make stockings... I made them for my family and then wanted to make it a special little thing for my extended family.  Each of my sisters and my husbands brothers families receive a pair of stockings for their first Christmas after being married.  Each family has a different them.  This is for my sister Molly's newest addition, Titus.  Molly and her husband Adam went to Maui for their wedding.  We were so excited to attend and then we were blest with Sawyer at the same time as the wedding.  We weren't able to be there on the big day on the beach but I have used this location for the inspiration for their family stockings.  I always do a snowman doing something in the tropics for them.  I had fun with Titus's stocking adding many beads and hand stitched decorations.  

I always sign my work now but you will notice it is not with the name you know me as.  I always sign my maiden name to my work that I feel my parents had more of a influence on.  It's my way of saying thanks to them.

I will not only be sending this to my nephew for Christmas but I'm also entering it into a fibers show at the Elk River Arts Alliance.  To see other stockings that I have done for my family, please click here.

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  1. Your designs and embellishments are beautiful! :)