Sunday, October 28, 2012

The best part was...

Sometimes I smile inside.  I raise my hands up in victory and pat myself on the back because I know this lesson taught everything that I wanted it to.  I know these kids lives are enriched by the knowledge I have laid upon them.  My students will look back and say... Mrs. Hahn, yah, she was alright!

Then I wake up, I realize that the middle school students love... well... they love themselves.  They are the stars of their world.  So what do I do with this information... USE IT!

In an earlier post I talked about the fun lesson I did with the kids to learn a bit of art history.  AGAIN, the best part of the project was not the making of the masks, the art history that was hidden behind the mask... Nope.  The best part was the blooper... Ask any of them.  This is what the kids will remember... the fun project that they created and stared in.

This is just another reason I love middle school.  They love to laugh and have a great time.  This group of 8th grade students are wonderful and I will miss them when they go to their next quarter class in a couple of week.

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  1. Adorable...I love it when his mouth 'falls off' LOL! This is such a great way to engage students!