Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Voting begins!

2012 Art Ed Blog of the Year is...

First,  MiniMatisse was nominated for the 2012 Art Ed Blog of the Year.

Then, we made the top twenty!

We are on our way to being number one!

What a wonderful honor.  I'm on the list with SO many other GREAT blogs!  How exciting! Thanks to the Art of Education!

According to the Art of Education website:

"The committee reviewed the nominations in the categories of Quality of Content and Photos, Consistency in Posting, Community Interaction, Overall Look and Feel, and Value Provided to their Audience. The decision was really, really hard, and there were so many deserving blogs that were not selected as finalists."

Now the voting begins!

Voting takes place between December 9th and 14th. The Top 10 will be selected by, of course,YOUR Votes! Shorty after voting closes (at Midnight on Friday, December 14th) they’ll announce the winners.

So Vote Now!!

Let's Go Apex!

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