Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vacation in the Virgin Island's

 I just got back from an amazing vacation in St. John's.  I was privileged to 'teach' a couple of classes to my party while I was there.  I showed them how to create a watercolor landscape of the amazing sunsets.  

We also made our own souvenirs.  WE all made a keychain by creating a shrinky dink.  This was a hit. There were inside jokes and inspiration from all over the island.  All of my 'students' felt comfortable making these because they could use panflits from to trace if they wanted... or ... they could draw something on their own.  

What's my point... Bring art everywhere, teach art everywhere.  It bring joy to all ages!

PS... I have returned to Minnesota.  As I write this today, it's a two hour late start due to ice.  I miss the islands:)

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