Saturday, March 16, 2013

Magazine Zentangles

I have been greatly inspired by pinterest for this project.  I have seen it in several places and it's hard to sight them all.  If you have a project like this, please comment so viewers have more sources to look at.    This is black and white scratch board that I had left in from the previous teacher.  I had students find an image of a person that would fill most of the space.  I will say they were a bit confused at what I was looking for so if you are planning on doing this project start saving up images now.  

I first made a copy of the magazine image that they brought in.  This way they could draw the contour lines of the person without destroying the original image.  They took this copy and taped it onto the scratch art board.  They traced over their contour line and with a pen so they had a faint line pressed onto the scratch board.  They scratched the contour in and then filled the space in with zentangles (or for our friend Phyl from 'A Dragon in my Art room'... designs, doodles, anything but zentangles:)--we love you Phyl:)).  Finally the skin and hair were cut out and placed with a glue stick in the correct places.  

We did discover one thing to keep in mind when finding and image... no words can be on the skin (as you can see below).  Didn't eve think of that.  

If you want to see more examples of this project, please see my flickr account.


  1. Love these! I've actually never seen them on Pinterest before...great way to get the kids to use the entire scratch board without wasting it!

  2. This is a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I can see this extend into a digital arts lesson....create three backgrounds and then photograph to create animated gif in which the background cycles through a pattern movement. here is an example: