Thursday, August 22, 2013

These kids won a class!!

Over the course of the summer I created something call 'Make and Take' for the Elk River Arts Alliance.  This was a small art project that families could come and do for free before the free concerts that the city of Elk River put on.  Every time a kiddo too part in a 'Make and Take' they were entered into a contest for a free art class.  Well... Here's the art class. We made castles because we had a variety of ages participate. 

First I asked the kids to build a castle.  They used blocks and we talked about how each of our 'block' castles looked different.  I showed them how I might draw a castle.  I talked about the shapes I would use and how to create bricks.  We even took the time to go outside and look at how bricks are laid.

The kids drew their castles.  

Then They were asked to paint their artwork.  I encouraged them to use many different colors to finish their work.

We ALL had a good time giggling, talking, creating together.  Hope to see these little artist again soon in future classes.  To see all of the images from, check out my Picasa at the link below.

Art Class at the Arts Alliance

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