Monday, November 25, 2013

Snowman Sculptures

Some of the second grade students were not going to get done with their birds in time for Thanksgiving.   So many of the kids wanted to make turkey's and if they didn't get it back by the holidays then I didn't want them to do the famous Thanksgiving Day bird... I switched it up a bit.  This class created snowmen.  It was so stink'n cute... I showed them how to make the small sculpture and they were so excited and impressed that the whole class started clap.  I love teaching 2nd grade:)  Anyway... These are still Model Magic as the birds were, but we used other decorating items such as beads, pipe cleaners, tooth picks and ribbon.

When the kids were done, there was a little time for some of them.  I asked them to make a background for their snowmen.  These were a perfect touch to these cute little sculptures!

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  1. I love the little background the kids created. Brings me back to my own childhood, creating tiny worlds and the little creatures that inhabited them. Well done, Mrs. Hahn.