Friday, November 15, 2013

Unity: Ribbons

 Another WONDERFUL Unity project.  I was inspired by the Art Education Blog.  The kids followed the instructions on the blog post from Art Education Blog.  They had to work together to get the ribbons lined with each other.

As you can see The kiddos had to really use teamwork to make it all match up.  They also had to agree on the colored ribbon an the pattern that they created with that.

 Some groups did a pattern with only a few colors, other groups did a rainbow design.  I had to have the kids help me hand the work so they were sure to get them in order.  They were really stunning after they hung them up.  They looked good as a group and individually.

Update:  Thanks Phyl for pointing out I missed major detail in this post... The color!!  The color was added with oil pastels.  They blended their colors from one page to the next.  Thanks again!


  1. This has huge impact. It is stunning, well done. I will study this closely and refer back to art education blog as I would love to have class try this. We made interconnecting pipes this year which had a similar impact, but your collaboration between students is appealing.

  2. Wow, fabulous!!! Is this colored with markers? If so, what kind, and how many black markers did you need for this? Or if not markers, what did you use? Love it; pinning!!

  3. Definitely will be doing this! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow again - all that black is also colored with oil pastels?!?! How many boxes of blacks did you need to buy? How did you keep the kids from smearing the black all over the place? The whites look pretty clean!

    1. Nope. The background black with black sharpie... The ribbon black is black pen and the colored part is oil pastels. That's how we got that clean look:)