Saturday, December 28, 2013

Unity: Snowflakes

Unity project for this quarter was snowflakes.  I posted how to create snow flakes in an earlier post.  I assumed all of my students knew how to cut a snowflake but I was wrong, so I addressed that with a couple of videos and links to helpful sites.  Students made snowflakes...

 The snowflake was drawn reaching across two sheets of paper, as seen below.
 Then white oil pastel fills the snowflake in.

 A secondary color is also added inside the snowflake.  Student had to work with their neighbors to agree on a color to add into the joining flake.

 They blended the white and color using a paper towel or their fingers.

They also added drawn, smaller flakes in all colors.  White dots of various sizes were added in the background as well.

Finally, we used liquid watercolors to finish the work because We wanted the works to be unified.  We have made several unity projects over the years, Check them out...

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