Friday, March 21, 2014

Watercolor: Experimental Group

I concentrated the student choice for the watercolor project this quarter.  I gave all three 8th grade classes a vote.  My 1st hour was split in half.  Half of them wanted to create a animal in motion and the other half wanted to do the landscape.  I decided that we could do both, two smaller paintings.  I brought them through both paintings with little steps.  All students were able to choose what project they wanted assessed.  What tells me that the kids loved both projects was that it was almost divided in half with who wanted me to evaluate their animal and who wanted me to look at their landscape. 

The draw back to this is I don't think we were able to concentrate long enough on either and create a really good project.  I think the two projects were a bit immature overall in the class.  These are some average examples from that class.  I think I saw more growth with the two other classes who only did landscapes. 


  1. Quedaron muy lindos los trabajos! felicitaciones! invito a ver mi blog,

    1. Ana- I did check out your blog and love it. I will be adding you to my blog roll! Thanks for sharing your address!

  2. Mrs Hahn, gracias! por agregar mi blog, yo voy a hacer lo mismo con el tuyo, Saludos Ana.