Friday, April 25, 2014

Dear 2nd Grade Parents,

Thank you 2nd grade parents for coming to the Music Performance today.  It was a pleasure for me to introduce the Art collaboration piece to the Music program.  I showed you many videos from our stop motion animation project.
Click here to view the videos from todays performance
We have done so much this year in class.  I would encourage you to take a peek at the other posts I have written on my blog.  It has really been quite fun to teach these young artist. (click here to view previous post about 2nd grade).

There are two apps that your kids might beg you to download after being in my art class this year.  Don't worry, they are both FREE!!  Click here for information on Brushes and Stop Motion.

There are opportunities for your kids this summer to participate in a film festival.  Sat. June 28th, Art Soup, a Elk River Arts Festival, is hosting their very first, phone recorded film fest.  Click here for more information about this opportunity.   A stop motion animation would be a GREAT entry to this fun event. There is also a T-shirt contest and an student exhibition.  This means any work that your kids have brought home that they are proud of can be submitted to the Arts Alliance and place in an art show for FREE!!

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