Saturday, May 10, 2014

Discussion about Abstract Art

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Thanks for responding to my quick little survey on Abstract Art.  There was 13 people to dat that took survey and in this small sampling 31% feel that 3rd grade might be the best time to introduce Abstract Art.  One person suggested that ages 1-99 is a great time to work on Abstract Art.

The best thing about this post was the professional discussion.  There were a couple of great comments about the Abstract conversations.  Here are some of the comments...

I think you can start abstracting in K, but it may be easier to start with a simpler subject than something with a body/face. For example, my K's did a fantastic job abstracting nature with an Alma Thomas inspired work. I did this lesson too in 4th and even at that age, some of the kids resisted moving parts around. I like the way you had them make the connection between the real one and the abstract with your K's - I could see at that point possibly having them divide their paper into fourths and draw one piece in each box, maybe that would help them transition.

Yes Abstraction is really hard for Kindergarteners because they are just starting to grasp reality! I don't know it's hard for all of them we I am! I think starting with realism is always best like you did! 

It's never too early to start abstracting! It doesn't have to be of the non-objective variety, but I tie in a lot of abstraction from the get go. When I look at designers and illustrators with my kinders we talk about how some of them use geometric forms to create the creatures or plants in the work. The kids can identify that the characters look different than usual. For me, I love incorporating abstraction in my curriculum because it allows those kids who are hard on themselves when a drawing doesn't look right, to create something that is going to look "weird" or different and not be as stressed about it.

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