Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Art Camp: The Power of Pictures

Click here for The Power of Pictures

I spent the last two days in training for Artist/Writers Workshop.  Beth Olshansky was the instructor of some mind blowing information.  I was moved by the powerful movie that she presented to explain the process and effects of this system.

In short, Beth emphasis is to create imagery and therefore, that allows writing to become more fluid and rich.  She bought us through 3 lessons in the 2 days.  We wrote about the time of day after creating a landscape, weather painting and writing, and a animal research imagery and writing.  We also talked about poetry and how to teach, paint, and write with your classroom.  I was very inspired by the lessons of Beth Olshansky.

Update:  I'm continuing in Art Camp and today I'm in a technology and art course and we are talking about voice thread.  I was shocked to see a Picture and Writing voice thread, Click Here.

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