Saturday, July 5, 2014

Creativity lives...

One of the big goals I have this year in my class is to teach or foster creativity in my classroom.  In my household I have always felt that I was really encouraging of my mini's do be creative, invent, and explore.  I do a great job with that, but my kids have others (their Aunt Carolyn) who takes it even farther letting them paint, and why not paint your body why you are at it.  My mini's are encouraged and fostered by many people in their lives.  I'm always happy to see their excitement when they want to show me the newest invention.  This is a floor sweeping machine.

My goal in my classroom this next year is to show kids how to think on their own, how to make something new.  I think this will take some rethinking on my part but it gets my juices going!  Do you have books, blogs, artist, or resources that you would suggest for me in my goal of creativity?

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  1. Nic,

    I love that you're spending time in the summer to plan how to truly foster creativity and independent exploration in your classroom. My school did a Design Thinking project where elementary aged students spent a day working in pairs to create a better recess. Planning and working with recyclables they helped each other make models of new, more inclusive games they developed, invented playground equipment, etc. What I really love about Design Thinking is that the designer is creating for someone else and therefore there is this built-in empathy piece that is so important...I blogged about empathy a few times this year. Anyway! Check out which is a crash course in DT. Also, stop by when you get a chance!

    I wish you success in your quest!