Saturday, August 30, 2014

Organizing Table Supplies..

This year I want to try having a spot for everything in my room.  This is one example.  Each of the tables are colored and I have created supply kits for them.  I think it will be nice to have them stored away from the table so that the kids don't have to deal with supplies that are not needed for the class period. I also think this will work well after school because I'm often sharing my space with community ed and other programs. 

When I came into this room there was a large paper storage unit.  It had a lot of paper that was never used on it, and the whole thing was kind of just taking up space.  I took out the paper and a lot of the shelved.  I then covered the remaining shelves with scrapbook paper to match the table colors.  Then started filling the containers with supplies.  I have a source who can cut plastic with a laser engraver.  He designed a plastic sheet to help organize my glue and scissors.

 The plastic sheet sits in the grove of the inexpensive containers. 

 I had already planned on a cup to fit in the divider.  This is holding the glue sticks.

 The scissors for big and small hands fit in the holes on each side of the container.

 The glue white glue goes in the middle as shown.

On either side of the the buckets I have a picture of what I want the bin to look like when it is returned.  I also have a color hint on each end to reminder the kiddos where they can return the bin.  One more color hint I used was spray painting the top of the plastic sheet.

The bins are returned to the supply space when finished. 

Most often my students will need pencils.  I sprayed pencil containers to go below the glue/scissor bins.  Again, they will be used and returned in the way they got them.  I will have pictures above the area to show kids my expectations. 


  1. Love it. Simple straight forward. Wish I had a friend with a laser cutter!

  2. Very nice! That is a great system.

  3. Those are awesome... your friend should sell them!