Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Featured Monster (Medium)

I started my Featured Monster of the week (well actually I'm on a 6 day rotation so it's a bit more than a week).  Anyway, in the hallway I have the monster and their bio.  The kids can visit this monster and get the answer before class... or show their classmates later in the week after they have art.  I wanted to make this interactive so you can see the pick paper can be lifted to give the answer.

As students enter the room they will see the monster highlighted on the wall as well as on my screen saver.  I read the bio to every class and ask them if they know the medium.  It has been really great to see all levels really relate to this activity.  It only takes about three minutes as students are trickling in from bathrooms and so forth.  I'm really happy with this activity thus far.

How am I going to keep up with this?  I already have all the bios done (click here).  The monsters are hanging and the arrow is ready to be moved around.  The bios are printed off and the screensaver images are saved on my desk top.  I also have all the mediums for under the pink sheet printed off.  I wanted to assure that I was consistent with this big project.  I really was intentional in setting myself up for success!

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