Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kindergarten Pre Test

For my K's, we are starting on shapes this year.  I'm going to have them make a booklet that I have done in the past (click here).  Today they worked on circles.  It's best have K's moving from one activity to the next in the LONG hour I have them for.  Don't get me wrong, love my hours, but for K's that equals several mini lessons.  This is a pre test to see who is going to have a hard time with the project of the day.  

After discussing circles and making air circles with our 'magic pencils' (our fingers), We moved to a large roll of paper that you see here.  I have them make circle for about 30 seconds.  I ask them to find another space to make more circles.  It is a quick look at who is proficient, above grade level, and who will need a bit more assistance.  This was a fun and quick portion to my shape unit. 

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