Saturday, September 13, 2014

Prepared for the day

Yesterday I posted about how I use my countertop as a management tool. The other half of the countertop is used for that as well.  Here I have made a small sign for each of my grades.  I have all my materials available by the number.  For my older grades can tell them to, pick up the packet by and go to your seat, or get a sheet of paper and go to your seat.  They know right where to go and what to get.

Sometimes I have materials prepared that I need my students to have later on in the hour.  I simply place these behind the number signs and pull them up front when I need them to gather the new material.  This again works well because I have it ready to go for the class.  I'm going to try to never leave school without having this counter prepared for the next day.  This will help have little to no stress in the morning when there is an IEP, a PLC, a Staff Meeting... and so on.


  1. Great idea! I wish had had a counter like that! I kinda do something like that with my supply table in the back of my room. I like the signs for the grades so the kids know what to grab! I might use that! Thanks! :)