Monday, September 22, 2014

Relating to my students, specifically the boys.

I'm working on relating to my boys this year.  See I'm joining this school after the very cool Mr. Kantor had been here for two years.  He was great and the kids loved him... and he's a BOY!  That is some major points in a young boys eyes.  I'm working on relating to more of my boys to try to win them over.  I know I will never be Mr. K, but I hope to be O...K...
So the opportunity came up to have football players in the classroom.  I jumped at the idea.  It was great.  The guys came in for about an hour and just encouraged the kids in the art room.  They talked about their art, football, and anything else the kids wanted to chat about.  At the end of the hour the kids wanted to get an autograph from the football players, the high schoolers were happy to sign their name for their adoring fans. 


  1. What a great opportunity for both the high schoolers and for your students!