Monday, January 5, 2015

Royalty Free Music

So my video was kicked off from Youtube.  I used a song that I bought a while back for the background music and I was informed that it was banned in many countries because the music was not Royalty Free.  So the search started to find some Royalty Free music and I was very impressed with one of the sites I found...
This site was great!!  Cute music and all he asks is that you site his music. Great site with a song for every mood.What are some sites you have found that have Royalty Free songs?

Actually, I think the song is more fun than the first one I choose. What do you think?


  1. The new music is a lot more upbeat...I like it! Yesterday I used some of the activities with my second grade classes and they had a great time. I used Drawing Box instead of Doodle Buddy, since that's what I have on my iPads. I substituted a clay modeling station for the craft sticks because I didn't have enough of those right now. The students made "practice" snow people since we will be making them as a clay project next week. Thank you for sharing so many fun projects that are so easy to set up!

  2. Thank you! What a great tip!


  3. Hi,

    Did you read the licensing tab at the top? Just thought you should check that out before using the music.:)

    1. Thanks so much Doug. I did look at that. This is what I read:

      The music on is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. You are free to use the music in your multimedia project (online videos, websites, animations, etc.) as long as you credit me with a link to my Website. Examples of proper way to credit me: "Music from or "Music: Song title - Composed and performed by Bensound"

      I put his link in the video and in the explanation of the video. Is there something I'm missing? Help me out.

  4. Thanks for this link. I like to make movies with the kids and you need the fun music to drown out the chaos of the classroom. It's also important to be good role models of digital citizenship for the students and this is a great example. I hope you get to share that with the students. Thanks again for the link.