Tuesday, March 31, 2015


The next several post will be about the NAEA convention.  I know this sounds a little behind times because that was 'so last week'. I didn't post or tweet during the conference.  I wanted to take it all in, I wanted to be present.  Please allow me to share some of the outstanding inspirations over the next several posts.  Remember, I not only use this blog to celebrate my classroom and share ideas, I also use this as a archive for my reflection of Art Education.

I wrote and co wrote two articles for the Art of Education.  I work as an instructor for them, but have never wrote for the magazine.  It was fun because I got to work with one of the most inspiring people I know in the art education world... Ian Sands.  I love his brain! I also got to see the genius of Amanda Heyn, the editor of the AOE digital magazine. It's fun to work with this great group of people.

The first article that I wrote was on hashtags. AOE gave some buttons with some cute, Art teacher specific hashtags on them.  I continued with this theme and wrote about some of the AOE teams hashtags if they were to give one to this event. We were thinking more Justin Timberlake/Jimmy Fallon style, not a hashtag that would be followed. That was a fun article to write.

The other was the collaboration with Ian.  This one was based around his creative idea of using the color wheel.  Clever guy.  That is where the image from the top comes in.  Here is one of my quotes from the Color Wheel article.

Nic: I was thrilled to see jewelry that I saw posted on the Art Teachers Facebook Page. I had to take a picture of these charming earrings. I found out they were made by Stellar Shannon and that she has an Etsy page, StellarShrinks. These pieces were the perfect accessory for the NAEA convention.

So you will be getting a bit more of an update on my perception of this amazing event.  I hope you become as energized and excited as I was!


  1. Oh my gosh...I love the hashtage buttons/badges(whatever they are!!! So fun.

    1. I know! I love them too! They were going like hotcakes.