Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Self Portrait, Mini Portfolio and Final Project- Part 2

As I explained in a previous post (click here).  Kindergarten and 1st grade students worked on a self-portrait portfolio.  Most classes got the first 3 pages done in the portfolio.  As a warm up the next class visit, students were asked to draw the final page, 'What did you learn' (post-assessment).  Many students explained that they did a lot of practicing on their own.

Then I gave instruction on how to draw a self-portrait one more time.  This time it was on a 9 X 12 sheet of white drawing paper.  The followed along but this went much faster than the previous class.  They drew their face with pencil and then traced with marker.  While some students were finishing up tracing their lines, I had them watch a video about coloring (see here).  We also went over our coloring rubrics again. (click here)  These really helped.  I heard lot's of chatter about 'I want to get a 3 -or- I want to get a 4'.  

As the students were working I went around to each table and wrote a little note about each student in their portfolio.  I was able to get through most students in each class period.  I feel it's really important that parents not only know that their student is getting a good education, but that their art teacher loves them, sees them, and appreciates the person that they are (even if I still don't have all 850 names down).  This picture and mini portfolio will be in their conference folder on Thurs. and Friday.

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