Thursday, April 30, 2015

Stop Motion Animation Teamwork

Why stop motion?  I have had several parents tell me that they kids came home pumped to create stop motion animations of their own after learning them in class.  I had one parent say, "Thanks a lot, all the devices in our house are now dead."  That is music to my ears!  I love giving a new process to my students to create art but my focus (and a sneaky one a that) was teaching teamwork and collaboration.

Students had to work in groups for this project.  I did mention a couple of suggestions for successful teamwork, mostly because I was pressed for time. I was also impressed with some of the actions these little guys came up with on their own. For example, you can see below that the boys are 'Pre-Planning' before actually creating.  That was not prompted until I saw them doing this, then I gave the suggestion to the rest of my classes (those smart kids).

One of the big suggestions that I gave all classes is that we want to get everyone to take part and to do so, each person is to take 10 pictures and than there is a rotation of jobs. This seemed to work really well to get everyone involved.  The kids did a great job working in teams, it made me smile.

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