Sunday, May 31, 2015

Short Stop Motions

As I mentioned yesterday in my post, 2nd graders at Hassan Elementary created short stop motion videos's.  They had one day to get into groups, develop a story, and create characters with felt.  The next day they were in art, it was go time for the movies.

The first time a student does a stop motion they think they are done in 10 pictures because they are so excited to see their movie.  I give my students the following 'goals' to make a OK, first time stop motion video...
  • Once the iPad is set up, you can not move the iPad
  • You can only make ONE movie
  • You should only move your characters about a about a finger nail length every time.  Small movements make for a more successful move.
  • You must use the whole time for your one movie.  I project a timer on the board and give them no less than 15 minutes for their first movie.  
  • A good movie is 100 image, but a better movie is more.  Let's see who can take the most pictures for their stop motion video.

At the end students were able to push play and watch their movies.  After, they were able to walk the room and check out everyone else's work.  I also used AirServer to project some of the iPads onto the Smartboard. 

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  1. I love the idea of using felt! I'm teaching a stop motion art class this summer and I will definitely try this.