Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Uptown, Dunk You Up!

Why, oh why do I hurt from head to toe today?? Because I was in a dunk tank yesterday. I was told that Kindergarten can't toss the ball well, but that was incorrect. Thanks to the PE team at our school... these K's had really good accuracy (well over 50% or the 50 K's that were tossing balls at me). Please note the GROWN MAN having more fun triggering the chair release than the kids are... NOT OK!
No, for real it was a ton of fun to see some of these little faces eye me up like, 'You're going down Hahn'. I also enjoyed the 'cute' little song of 'Uptown Dunk you up, Uptown Dunk you up' coming from one of the K's.

Last week was our HUGE activity day called Hassan Healthy Husky Day.  What a hoot!  There were about 30 station and 100's of volunteers.  The kids were able to go from one station to the next, filling the whole day.  At the end of the day we (the teachers) had a tug-of-war with the 'strongest' 5th grade classes.  This is 5th year tradition and another reason why I love this school. 

So yah, I have 7 days left, and the kids are done, and I'm just wrapping up, and there are performances and field trips, and the kids are loud, and it's going to be really nice out today and I want to me outside in my garden and...  it's all worth it because I love this job!  I love the kids, I love the energy.  I have a GREAT life!

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  1. Hahahah this title made me laugh! I also endured the joy of the dunk tank last week!