Wednesday, June 10, 2015

ATC's- Split Image

I will be doing Artist Trading Cards for my 4th grade next year again and I wanted to make sure that I document some of the ATC's that I did with the kids this year.  This one was fun and very successful!  I gave them a white card that they had to use as a tracer.  The students found a greeting card from my MASS supply of them in my back storage room and traced around an interesting part of the imagery.  The card was then cut in half.  One half was placed onto the white card with glue, the other was used as a guide for drawing.  Students were asked to draw the 'other' half of the card.  This was a very successful card because it gave students the confidence to only draw half, the size of an ATC is always easy for students to 'take-on', and they turned out beautiful!

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