Saturday, June 27, 2015

Expanding the Classroom Walls, James J. Hill House

The James J. Hill House is about a half of a mile away from the History Center.  This worked out perfect for the visit to both locations.  It was easily walkable between the two, and could be for your classroom too.

Sawyer loved this site too!! He liked being with a bunch of adults so he could ask as many questions as he wanted to our very knowledgeable tour guide.  Above you see him looking to the back of the fireplace with a flashlight because there is a lion in the metal in the back of the hearth.  We walked over the four floors of the mansion learning so much of the Hill Families history, and, therefore, Minnesota's history.  James J. Hill was a big dog on the railroad when that business was booming.  Hill is ranked 37 as the wealthiest people in America in history.  After seeing his house, I believe that.  It was stunning.

A treat for me was the Hmong textile display they had in Mr. Hills picture room.  This is usually filled with art and to coincide with the History Center, they have a display of Story Quilts and Embroidered Squares.  They were stunning as well!

This is a perfect combination with the History Center or the State Capital, both very close to this site.  There is so much knowledge and history to be had at these sites. Bring your older Elementary and Middle School students down to St. Paul this year!

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