Saturday, June 27, 2015

Expanding the Classroom Walls, Wrap up and Selfies

Two weeks of Field Trips
30 plus sites
An amazing amount of learning
Finding great opportunities for learning out side the classroom
Finding the best way to 'Staycation' in Minnesota
And making some great professional connections

That about sums up this last two weeks.  As mentioned in a previous post, this last two weeks I was taking a class called, 'Expanding the Classroom Walls' with Learners Edge.  I had a blast visiting so many sites in our area.  I had fun reporting to you on the many sites to take your class too, or visit while in Minnesota (all found under the label Continuing Ed).  I wanted to share my experiences and developed lesson plans inspired by these field trips.  If you have questions about any of these, please contact me... I have many resources to share and would love to tell you about my experience.  I had fun taking more selfies than I have ever taken in my life this last two weeks.  Thought I would wrap up this series with a few of them. 

Lego Sculpture, Landscape Arboretum 
Ho, Ho, Ho, Green Giant, History Center
History Center with My Son!
Street Car
Minnehaha Falls

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Minneapolis Institute of Arts, with my favorite painting

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Heart of the Beast Puppets

Landmark Center-- Detention Room

Mill City Museum

Belle Museum

Pioneer Museum with my daughter 

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