Monday, June 8, 2015

#fjf15for30, Week 1

This sweet image was obtained from JFJ's Twitter, @jrnlfddrjukies
If you are on twitter and following myself (@MiniMatisse) or some of the other art educators out there (@shinebrite71, @TeryArtTeacher, @smARTisteacher, @artwithmsk, @AmyManta, @timneedles, @Lisa_montibello, @ArtWithMrE, @jamie_wardley, @fuglefun, @GrundlerArt, just to name a few) you probably already know about the #jfj15for30 sketchbook challenge. Journal Fodder Junkies has a 30 day sketchbook challenge out there for anyone who would like to participate.  I have been really having fun with the assignments and the designated time to work in my sketchbook.

My plan is to post about my 30 days once a week, but I'm tweeting my work everyday.  Here's some of my work thus far...

1) Watercolor

I was given some great art supplies to try out from Liquitex at the national conference.  I can't wait to break into all of it, a lot of the products I have not used before, so I'm really excited about it.  As you can see I have some of these sketch books overlapping with my #ProcessPigs, duel purpose. 

2) Formatting with squares

I choose to think about the layout of my room.  I did this sketch as a digital format.  I like my sketchbook better.

3) Cut and Paste

All I kept thinking as I was cutting into this vintage clothing pattern was, Cassie Stephens would be so sad that I was cutting this up.  But it was so fun to take images that I love and place them in my book.  I also love using YES paste.  It's the best glue I have ever used for collage. 

4) Words

I choose to use words that make me happy, words about what I'm grateful for.  Great reflection.

5) Circles

This was to format your page using a different shape. I just had fun making circles with a pin.  I placed the page on my bed and started punching away.  Give this process a try, it's fun and has a great low relief texture.

6) Layout with Lines

I did some little layouts and than settled in on a sketch in my garden.  Nice an peaceful! 

I'm having a blast and would invite anyone to join in at anytime. Mr E came in a little late on the game and he has choose to 'make up' the missing work. Just start sharing what you are making, I/we would love to see it.  All you have to do is tweet it and hashtag it #jfj15for30... or just work on your own, either way it's a lot of fun!

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